James Noll Law

Criminal Defense Attorney

James Noll Law practices criminal defense, family law, and mediation in Kenton and Campbell County Kentucky. For more than 20 years, James Noll has protected clients rights and provided a trusted name and strong voice for the people of Northern Kentucky.


Whether you have a DUI, drug-related charge or felony charge, our experienced team has defended cases in all categories of criminal law. Let our experience make a difference in your case.  

"A trusted and skilled legal professional is one’s best defense to protect yourself.  I recommend consulting with Mr. Noll when the stakes are high!"

                                        - Benjamin Dusing, BGD Law PLLC

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Criminal Law

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Family Law

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Legal Services

We service all criminal law defense. DUI, drug related, theft, assault, domestic charges, and battery.

Our services include divorce law, paternity challenges, custody, and family rights cases. 

Our experience includes mediating business, personal, property, estate, and contract disputes.

We can help you with case review, parole violations, appeals, trial defense, and contract review. Ask us about all of our legal services. 

SCHEDULE COMPLIMENTARY CONSULTATION                             859-633-5900


We understand how the legal process can feel. You're not alone, our team is right here with you, and as your legal partner, we will get through this together.